Integrity, trust, and respect are all hallmarks of Carol's service to others. St. Joseph Township residents get out, and vote for Carol Griffin.

~Mary  B.~

Carol is one of those rare individuals who shows genuine concern for both individuals and the community. She has integrity and is one of the brightest people I know.

~Patrick V.~

I have known Carol for over ten years. She has been a reliable, dear friend. Definitely someone you can count upon. A great listener, too.

~Barb E.~

I have known Carol Griffin for many (20+) years. She is very honest, reliable, considerate, and knowledgeable. Her leadership skills are very positive and she is consistent in her thoughts and actions. Carol would be be a very trusted and dependable Trustee for St. Joseph Township.

~Martha G~

Carol is a very conscientious, caring and compassionate soul who gives selflessly to the needs of others. She will be a friend to those in the Township who have fallen on hard times and need a hand up to get back on their feet.

~Mary C.~

I haven't met anyone more qualified to be Trustee than Carol Griffin. In the 20 years I have known her she has consistently shown caring and compassion for those less fortunate. She is generous with her time and talents. St. Joseph Township would be fortunate to have her at the helm of local government.

~Carole S.~

I have known Carol Griffin over 40 years. During that time she has exhibited trustworthiness, honesty, and loyalty. She has always been willing to help others, and displays excellent moral character. I know she would be a valued Trustee for St Joe Township.

~Linda D~

Through circumstances beyond my control I ended up homeless and found myself in temporary quarters at the ACSPCA. Carol happened to stop in for a visit and our eyes met. I was scared, and hid under a bench. Carol could have walked away, but she didn't. She coaxed me out, picked me up and held me. She pet me so gently and told me I was a good girl. I fell in love with this wonderful lady who I hoped would take me to my forever home. I've been running her household now for the last 7 years. Carol is so lucky to have me looking after her.