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Nov. 6, 2018 Vote Griffin to Restore Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

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Griffin Files Counterclaim

FORT WAYNE, IN - July 24, 2018: Democrat candidate for St. Joseph Township Carol Griffin has filed a counter claim against St. Joseph Township Fire Chief and former Republican candidate for Trustee claiming Ringer's lawsuit is frivolous, unreasonable, or groundless as there is no basis for his claim that she mailed the letter that he alleges in his suit.

Represented by counsel, Mr. Ringer has proposed settling his suit against Ms. Griffin, specifically asking that she remove the factual and truthful material about him from her website ( and insisting upon the terms of the settlement being confidential, while refusing to acknowledge that his suit has no merit, prompting Griffin to respond with a counterclaim.


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Township Assistance

Township Assistance is the largest part of the budget. The township spent $287,776.58 on Assistance in 2017, and the 2018 budget shows they plan to spend $709,643! I will be examining the budget and personnel (including salaries) closely to identify any duplication of services and inefficient distribution. The township owes the community an honest, respectful implementation of any program that helps those who are less fortunate and need a temporary hand up. 

Fire/EMS Protection

The 2018 budget includes $256,832 for daily operation of the fire department, including staff salaries, and an additional $400,000 in the Cumulative Fire fund, which is used to pay for equipment and expenditures outside the normal budget. I will evaluate both Fire and Cumulative Fire budgets for efficiencies and work with fire department leadership to develop a long range plan which provides the community with the level of service they desire.  

Township Salaries

I believe the salaries have gotten out of control for the positions of Trustee and Board Member. I will consider, subject to statute, suspending all salary increases for these positions for the next four (4) years. These salaries are paid from the township's General fund, which has a 2018 budget of $241,472. 


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